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Важна информация за ЛДШ Рила 2017 г.

Братя и сестри,

Наближава Лятната духовна школа на Седемте Рилски езера!

Моля запознайте се с информацията в следните линкове:

1. Актуална информация за ЛДШ Рила 2017

2. Списък на дежурните групи за ЛДШ Рила 2017 

3. Записване за нощувка в Братския център в София чрез попълване на формуляра в следния линк:

на български: https://goo.gl/forms/TZYtYNY9X4k4jjV63

на английски: https://goo.gl/forms/ZQ79qAEaDAep9AP92

4. Информация за пребиваване в лагера 

5. Учителя за Седемте Рилски езера и езерото на чистотата

6. История

Brothers and sisters,

Days of Rila Summer Spiritual Camp 2017 are comming soon. Please read the information about Rila 2017:

  1. Aplication form for staying in Brotherhood center between 25 july and 24 August 
  2. Up to Date information about Rila 2017 Summer Spiritual Camp

Summer Spiritual School Rila: 01.08 – 23.08.2017

(According to the official permission of Rila National Park)

  • Daily regime: 05:30 – 22.00 о’clock
  • Opening working group: 20.07-31.07.2017
  • The closing working group begins on 24 of August
  • The Vigils are on 14, 15, 16 of August as usual.
  • The cleaning of the lakes is planned to be on 17 of August
  • The Paneurithmy performed on 19 of August will start at 10 o’clock.

After The Paneurithmy there will be a collective prayer at 12 o’clock followed by lunch.

  • It is recommended that everyone has a mountain insurance


Commandant of the Camp:

Dimitar Parvanov – +359893 555 753

Luggage transportation with horses /you have to request it by yourself/:

Spas: +359898 224 482

Angello: +359894 415 555

Price: 30 BGN per horse

Buses to Rila /you have to request it by yourself /:

Joro: +359888 705 827, home phone: +3592 / 8722433

Nadya: +359888 211 429

Kalojan: +359886906018

Sleeping in the brotherhood center in Sofia /31.07– 24.08/:

Please fill the Aplication form for staying in Brotherhood center between 25 july and 24 August

For more information:

mail:  travelobbg@gmail.com

phone: +359896 801 526


Everybody MUST bring his own trash down from the mountain!


  • Cutlery (forks, spoons, dishes) for collective use will NOT be provided. It is irrational from a hygienic point of view. Please bring your own.
  • Receiving  hot water and breakfast will begin AFTER finishing the morning prayer on the Prayer’ Rock (5.00 – 6.30 o’clock)
  • Lunch can be received in the kitchen after 13.00 o’clock


  • As before there will be provided hot water, bread, cheese and lunch. Other food like honey, lemons, dinner etc. everybody have to bring by himself.

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