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Важна информация за ЛДШ Рила 2017 г.

Братя и сестри,

Наближава Лятната духовна школа на Седемте Рилски езера!

Моля запознайте се с информацията в следните линкове:

1. Актуална информация за ЛДШ Рила 2017

2. Списък на дежурните групи за ЛДШ Рила 2017 

3. Записване за нощувка в Братския център в София чрез попълване на формуляра в следния линк:

на български: https://goo.gl/forms/TZYtYNY9X4k4jjV63

на английски: https://goo.gl/forms/ZQ79qAEaDAep9AP92

4. Информация за пребиваване в лагера 

5. Учителя за Седемте Рилски езера и езерото на чистотата

6. История

Brothers and sisters,

Days of Rila Summer Spiritual Camp 2017 are comming soon. Please read the information about Rila 2017:

  1. Aplication form for staying in Brotherhood center between 25 july and 24 August 
  2. Up to Date information about Rila 2017 Summer Spiritual Camp

Summer Spiritual School Rila: 01.08 – 23.08.2017

(According to the official permission of Rila National Park)

  • Daily regime: 05:30 – 22.00 о’clock
  • Opening working group: 20.07-31.07.2017
  • The closing working group begins on 24 of August
  • The Vigils are on 14, 15, 16 of August as usual.
  • The cleaning of the lakes is planned to be on 17 of August
  • The Paneurithmy performed on 19 of August will start at 10 o’clock.

After The Paneurithmy there will be a collective prayer at 12 o’clock followed by lunch.

  • It is recommended that everyone has a mountain insurance


Commandant of the Camp:

Dimitar Parvanov – +359893 555 753

Luggage transportation with horses /you have to request it by yourself/:

Spas: +359898 224 482

Angello: +359894 415 555

Price: 30 BGN per horse

Buses to Rila /you have to request it by yourself /:

Joro: +359888 705 827, home phone: +3592 / 8722433

Nadya: +359888 211 429

Kalojan: +359886906018

Sleeping in the brotherhood center in Sofia /31.07– 24.08/:

Please fill the Aplication form for staying in Brotherhood center between 25 july and 24 August

For more information:

mail:  [email protected]

phone: +359896 801 526


Everybody MUST bring his own trash down from the mountain!


  • Cutlery (forks, spoons, dishes) for collective use will NOT be provided. It is irrational from a hygienic point of view. Please bring your own.
  • Receiving  hot water and breakfast will begin AFTER finishing the morning prayer on the Prayer’ Rock (5.00 – 6.30 o’clock)
  • Lunch can be received in the kitchen after 13.00 o’clock


  • As before there will be provided hot water, bread, cheese and lunch. Other food like honey, lemons, dinner etc. everybody have to bring by himself.

Издателство Бяло братство

За дарения

Може да подкрепите финансово  Общество Бяло Братство:

По сметка:
IBAN: BG43UNCR96601060704509

Издателство “Бяло Братство”
IBAN: BG43UNCR70001524795840

Изграждане на братски център в гр. София
IBAN: BG12BUIN95611100361794




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